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OBJECTIVE: To propagate trust and friendship among its members, to establish a relationship based on shared feelings or experiences and to promote the spirit of brotherhood.

Another YP event has passed, and just like the last few events held these past few months, I could call this one another roaring success again. Even though the turnout was considerably less than the previous ones since this was an impromptu event that was instigated by Harold's call for a Halloween party just last week, and suddenly morphed into an "official" event due to Red's unexpected (in a good way) arrival.

Even though there were just over a dozen people at most, there was definitely no shortage of fun. Some people couldn't make it due to work commitments, but just sent their greetings and regards to Red and the group via voice call, text or email. Harold and the others brought in a few bottles of liquor, Victor, at the last minute, provided the decor for the venue... yellow ribbons and balloons... and Cesar provided the music... Christmas with the Chipmunks... which contributed greatly to the festive ambience. Oh I almost forgot, Tata Echo also had something to add to the fun... Criselda Volk's videos which we watched on the PC I had at the bar! Kumpleto diba? May alak, decor, sounds, tsaka papanooring bagay sa okasyon at sa mga tao na nandun!

As usual, drinks and pulutan flowed freely (I hope everyone enjoyed the food), and the party lasted until 3am, after which what remained of the group crossed the street to get some coffee to sober up before proceeding to where they were headed. Sabi nila pauwi na sila, pero I doubt that...

Also there as a surprise guest was Bro Igorot Ak, with his wife and daughter accompanying him, who came all the way from Baguio. Sis Cherry was also there with Jenn. Tsip was one of the first to arrive and also there was a person who I guess would prefer to remain anonymous kasi daw lagot sya pag nalaman nandun sya... heheheh... Alam mo na kung sino ka palagay ko... May nakalimutan pa ba akong banggitin? Kung meron, I'm sorry, pero antok na ako habang ginagawa ko ito eh... :)

And syempre, the love of Red's life, Jessica was there... Pwede ba naman sya pa mawala? After 4 months of being separated and undergoing all that stress, hardship, mental torture and all, I think it's safe to say na they were probably dying to be with each other as soon as possible. All in all, I would say it was a happy reunion for the couple, who, at the time of this writing, are probably somewhere nice, cool and quiet... :) I think Harold made sure they'd go there tonight... heheheh... Aha! Kaya pala hindi kasama ni Jessica yun kids nila kanina!

Anyways, I hope everyone had a good time last night, and I hope there will be more events like this in the near future. Sana din, next time, agahan naman ang planning so more people could come, especially the newbies and first-timers, so they could experience for themselves what a YP EB is all about. I bet after attending one, they'll be addicted to YP EBs... As far as I know, wala pang nagsisi sa pagpunta nila, pero madami nang nagsisi sa hindi nila pagpunta...

Thanks a lot to everyone who attended the event! Kudos!


-- YP Moderator --


On 10/30/08, ulrich menk <ulrich.menk@> wrote:

Dear fellow YPians,

Good day to all of you brothers and sisters!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support, help, aid and assistance to overcome the most tragic and the most difficult problem that I encountered. Without you, I will not be here again in our country, in our group and in my family.

I had never imagined that such endeavor and trial would happen to me and I also never had imagined that my fellow YPians would stay behind me all the way to end up such misery. You all stay behind me as a friend, as a group and especially as a family. And to all of this and in behalf of my wife and members of my family, again we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to all of you.

Thanks to all the moderators specifically Mod Jess, Mod Bullet, Mod Teks, Mod Piolo. Thanks to Sis Karen who had patiently help me all the best way she can, she gave all her effort together with Bro Jess to pull me out of this trouble. Thanks to Bro Ray Doble and all the YPians in Dubai and UAE who gave all their support for me and my wife.

And finally thanks to Kuya Cesar, Harold,Vic, Tata Echo, Tsip, Cherry, Jen, Ate Kring, Ate Emz, Paw, Aphex, Bro Pobre (Eric Sobremonte), Weirdo, Scorpion King and all the YPians here in the Philippiness and around the world (sorry to those I didn't mentioned) who had shared and contributed their utmost best and gave their time and effort to finally got me out in this trouble.

Also thanks to our founder Wowlegs coz without him there will be no YP. God Bless you all.

YP is not just a group or brotherhood… YP is a FAMILY.

God bless YP!... Mabuhay ang YP!

P.S. :

Thank you very much for those who organized and attended and who called to welcome me home last night. I'm so very happy and don't know what to say. Koya Harold, salamat sa paghatid last night (hehehe).


--- On Sat, 11/1/08, Reden Carmelo wrote:

From: Reden Carmelo
Subject: Million thanks!
Date: Saturday, November 1, 2008, 11:56 PM

Kuya Cesar,

Good morning to you and I hope and pray that you have a good day ahead of you. Free from worries and in good health always thru God’s help and grace.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you personally my deepest thanks and appreciation for all your hardship, patience, supports, assistance and prayers to help me out and overcome the problems that I’d encountered. I don’t know how to thank you for what you’d done… The only thing that I can do right now is to pray that God will bless you more and always keeps you away from harm.

You’d done so much for me and my family… I don’t know what will happen to us if without your aid and help. You did your all best and tried and do everything to help. I don’t know how to repay you and return the favor but I know that God will be the one who will do it for me.

Pasensya na sa mga abalang nagawa namin sa inyo… Me and my wife know that you’d done all those things becoz you accepted me as part of the group, as a friend and most of all becoz you have a good heart.

Again and in behalf of my wife, we’re sending you our million thanks and prayers. Without you I wouldn’t be here yet in front of my PC to write this email and enjoying the feeling of freedom again.

God Bless and Godspeed!!!


Also please extend my sincerest thanks to all YP members who had helped me. Di kasi namin alam ang numbers at email addresses ng ibang tumulong saka yung iba eh anonymous lang.

Thanks po ulit!

--- On Mon, 11/3/08, Cesar Mangalindan wrote:

From: Cesar Mangalindan
Subject: Re: Million thanks!
Date: Monday, November 3, 2008, 12:14 AM

Bro Red,

Your most welcome. Even if it happens to anyone whether YP or not I would still do the same and I feel I love doing it. Maybe its because of the moral values that was instilled in me during my formative years in our schools and most especially the values and principle of my Scouting experience. With special mention of course to my Inay and Itay who guided us with these values. And I hope that my children will do the same in the future once they learned the rudiments and obstacles in their own family life.

You have nothing to worry about it and I feel you would also do the same. Its just my duty and passion to help those who are in need in my own little way and be of service to anyone.

I myself was wondering how I got into this especially those people who gamble and gave me their trust on their financial support they sent to the wires on our 1st YP EB which you were able to attend that event until your successful returned last 30 October 2008. I just learned your fate on our blogchat with Bro Jess and when I went up to our room I received text messages from Wildpaw and to your wife Jessica and that's how it all started and where your story was made and now part of our YP history.

All I can say right now is to forget your most sad experience in your life and just consider it as a bad dream. You have to focus now on the future of your family and start again with your first journey in life. You are still young and many things will still happen to you in the near future and as what Bro Ray reminded me to tell you upon your returned was "lilipas rin yan" on all our trials.

On a final note, I wish for your success ahead of you.


Best regards and Mabuhay!!!




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