Friday, September 19, 2008


OBJECTIVE: To propagate trust and friendship among its members, to establish a relationship based on shared feelings or experiences and to promote the spirit of brotherhood.

It was a cloudy day and with intermittent rain shower on 19 September 2008 (Friday), our 4th YP EB which was a very memorable one with an unexpected purpose of presenting financial aid to the family of our fellow YPian Mr Redentor L Carmelo who at present is still incarcerated in Dubai. This was made possible and more colorful upon learning from our fellow YPian Bro Ray Doble from Dubai that he will be sending the amount of Php 25,000.00 as his financial aid to Ms Jessica Carmelo and also the "Bid For A Cause" initiated by Bro Victor as his gesture of support to augment their basic neccesity needs.

Also, it is our privileged and honor to welcome our new member who attended this 4th YP EB as follows, Brothers Dobermaxx, Marlon Manaois, Alvince, Marlo Cruz, Tiburcio (who arrived when we are about to finished with his fiance) and Sis Emz our lady of the night. These are the people who are working in one of the universities in Manila, connected with our government electoral body, a businessman with a counterpart in the Middle East, a business consultancy firm, an internet enterprenuer and a seaman. These are different people who shared their time and stayed with us to enjoy our fun filled night and witnessed what YP is all about. Its not just a horny thing in literal meaning but it is a group of people with passion to share in their own little way and as you may say "it is anything under the sun"

As for our usual attendees who in one way or another has been with us once or twice are the following, Brothers Victor, Harold, Mechanical_X, Tsip, Tata Echo, Kurt, Senator, Paw, CesarDMan and our very supportive Moderators Bro Bullet who just came in from a previous engagement and Bro TeksEnSex our very supportive host who initiated and started our First Metro Manila Grand Eyeball.

We had a short program as our Mod TeksEnSex made his opening remarks which was followed by the financial assistance and presented by Bro Harold. After which it was Bro Victor who also presented the financial assistance from his "Bid For A Cause". From there it was Ms Jessica Carmelo's turn to give and express her message of thanks to our group. And in giving the Closing Remarks it was made by Bro Bullet. The program are shown on the series of pictures below:

There were exchanges of stories, singing with the karaoke, the usual picture taking as required by some of our YP members globally and our special guest Alex and company made through the courtesy of Bro Harold.

During our celebration, we received calls from our very own Moderator from the Middle East Bro Piolo and from our good samaritan from Dubai Bro Ray Doble. They talked to us not on their limited time but an all out messages of support to each and every member of the group present that night.

We called it a night at around pass midnight and we pass the hat in addition to our patrons Bro Wirdo68 and John Doe who gave their financial support with a total amount of Php 4,500. We have our total bill in the amount of Php 7,117.00 and an additional amount of Php 250.00 for the boys as our way of saying "Thank You" for their services made to our group.

In closing, we would like to take this opportunity in thanking most especially Brothers Ray Doble, Wirdo68, John Doe and last but not the least Bro Victor for sharing their blessings to the family of Red and to our group.

And also, to those who made and felt their presence for this ocassion for sharing their time and joined with our fun filled night.

Sa inyong lahat maraming salamat po!!!

Best regards and Mabuhay!!!


Mod Teks giving his Welcome Remarks for the 4th YP EB which started at around 10:00pm

The presentation of financial assistance of Php 25,000.00 sent by Bro Ray Doble through our designated interim treasurer Bro Harold. Bro Ray Doble's statement on his email "Sorry, it's a judgement call.....we never know when the legal proceedings will commence. Meanwhile, the family is left with limited funds and their normal lifestyle briefly interrupted due to Red's incarceration. I will send the fund to you Czar. Wait for my call."

Financial assistance received by Ms Jessica Carmelo in the presence of our host/Mod TeksEnSex with Bro Harold and myself

Ms Jessica Carmelo expressing her thanks extended to her family from our good samaritan patrons. (Please see the video clips her actual message of thanks at the links provided below)

"Bidding For A Cause" winner Bro Kurt Vasquez receiving the classic wine and giving the payment in the amount of Php 1,000.00

Bro Victor giving the amount from his "Bid For A Cause" to Ms Jessica Carmelo as his gesture of support to her family to augment their basic necessity needs

The winner, the giver, the receiver and me for photo opportunity

Bro Bullet giving his Closing Remarks for our presentation of Funds Assistance to the family of our fellow YP member Bro Redentor L Carmelo.


Group picture note that Bro Bullet is still talking to the Man of the Hour Bro Ray Doble

Bro Harold giving pointers to Red's son who listen attentively

Our group picture

A nice smile from Mod Tek, Dobermaxxx, Senator, Kurt, Tata Echo, Paw & Mechanical_X

Red's Family: Jessica with her children and Brother Jess

Kurt with his personal gift for his birthday on the 26th of September 2008. Wishing you a Happy Birthday and Good Health.

Newbie Dobermaxxx, Senator & Kurt\

Mechanical_X wishpering to Alex "Lets get it on"

Alex telling Mechanical_X "Lets Rock N Roll"

The early birds UHAW (Union of Husband Afraid of Wife) Kurt, Mechanical_X, Tsip and Tata Echo
Tata Echo with Mechanical_X take note of his shirt specially made by him just for this ocassion and on the left side the logo of UHAW

Mechanical_X with the newbies Marlon Manaois and Alvince

The very serious Singing Cop

Talking with Bro Marlo Cruz but my cam is in trouble and had a problem that's why this was taken blurred
With newbies Marlon Manaois and Alvince

Paw talking to Mod Piolo and they are in serious conversation

Mod Bullet talking to the Man of the Hour Bro Ray Doble

On the upper photo newbie Tiburcio with his fiance






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