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Cyberc@re is a charity group with a mission and vision to reach out, touch lives and help the less fortunate. One of its objectives is to furnish means, goods and services to the poor, the sick, the handicapped, the abandoned, and the helpless.

With the group’s success on its first project last February 14, 2009 in helping the abandoned elders at Bahay Pag-ibig at Telabastagan, San Fernando, Pampanga, the group is inspired to continue its dedication and commitment to service by extending help to those who are poverty-stricken. Among the institutions, it has chosen the learners of Sergia Soriano-Esteban Integrated School II, in Kalaklan, Olongapo City to be the recipients for its next project because as per assessment conducted, there is really a felt need for them to be helped.

We understand the high cost of school supplies nowadays, thus, the members of the group thought of giving some school materials that would be useful to the less fortunate pupils of the said learning institution. Moreover, these school supplies will somehow lessen the burden of parents in providing their children's needs this school opening. We believe that as concerned citizens we have to show our care and concern to these young learners who are considered the hope of our nation.

Bags to Skul: A Way to Make a Dif
Ma. Fe. B. Gonzales

In a week’s time, it’s back-to-school for the kids. Parents are now busy preparing the needs of their children for school. One of the must have items for a pupil during the upcoming school year is a bag, a necessity for every learner of any educational institution especially to those who are in the Elementary level.

Last Saturday, May 30 at 2:00PM Cybercare answered this need of the learners of Sergia Soriano – Esteban II Integrated School, in Kalaklan Olongapo City. To concretize its mission and vision, which is to help the unfortunate brothers and sisters, the group gave out bags to the learners of the said institution.

Despite the bad weather, the group arrived at the school premises at about 2:00PM. The school has prepared a program which eventually started at 2:30 PM with the opening prayer led by Ms. Viola G. Ramos followed by the singing of the National Anthem conducted by Ms. Maritess P. Magtangob. The Welcome Remarks was delivered by no other than the principal, Mr. Marcial C. Mortera and Bro Cesar D. Mangalindan, the Chairman of Cybercare gave the message.

In the welcome remarks of Mr. Mortera, the Principal, he expressed his gratitude on behalf of the parents and pupils. He said that they are thankful because the group has chosen their institution to be the recipient of its second project. Furthermore, he wished the group good luck to its forthcoming endeavors.

In the message of Bro Cesar D. Mangalindan, he conveyed Cybercare’s mission and vision which is to reach out, touch lives and help our less fortunate brothers and sisters. He also mentioned our objectives and the history. In addition, his message also included the theme which is Back/Bag to Skul.

In the game portion, the children became restless because everyone was eager to watch their schoolmates participate. Bro Vic Autencio was the game master so he was responsible for the games and the mechanics. Games like hiphip hooray, the boat is sinking, papel at gunting, etc., were played by the pupils. Some members assisted the pupils as coaches of the teams. Pupils who won in the different games were given prizes in the form of school supplies.

There was also a magic portion which made the crowd became noisy because Bro Eryx showed them some magic tricks. The children became curious about how things are done and so the group were not able to control them when they advanced and went near the magician so they could see how he performs the magic. The kids’ attention were drawn to the tricks and were mesmerized as the magician performs.

In the program, some pupils staged their talents through singing and dancing. They entertained the crowd and as a prize, they were given school supplies.

After the game portion was the giving of bags. A list that contains the names of the pupils who were present was prepared by the teachers. The distribution of the bags was done by grade level so that as the name of the pupil was called, he or she approaches the members of Cybercare and gets his or her bag. I was keen in my observation as to the expression and reaction of the pupils and was able to see the excitement of every child to get his or her own bag. You can really feel the eagerness of every learner as he or she looks forward for his or her name to be called and for his or her bag to be handed to him or her. In the eyes of the pupil is happiness and joy as he or she receives the bag. In this activity, the parents and teachers joined the members of the group to ensure peace and order.

Words of thanks was delivered by Mrs. Namnama L. Roque, Supervisor I in PE and Values Ed teacher from the Division Office, who also happens to be the mom of Bro Dhong. She said that the learners should take proper care of the bag so it can serve its purpose all throughout the school year. Likewise, Mrs. Gloria M. Delena, the Parents Teachers Association Vice President expressed her gratitude to the group on behalf of the parents.

The program was concluded by yours truly through a closing remarks, thanking the Principal, the teachers, the pupils and the parents who were present. Also, proper and due recognition and acknowledgement were accorded to the donors and to those who have helped in making the project possible.

With the theme Bags/Back to Skul, Cybercare was able to realize its mission and vision. We, the officers and members of the group were able to do it again with the help of our friends who have shared their blessings. Indeed, to extend help is a matter of action, a determination, a dedication and a commitment to serve. It’s about making things possible with our coordinated effort amidst the challenges and the trials that come our way. It is working by faith. It is about…answering the call to action, the call to reach out and touch lives... It is about making a difference…


It is not how much we do,
but how much love we put in the doing.
It is not how much we give,
but how much love we put in the giving.

~ Mother Theresa ~

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